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Composition App?

Maarten Bauer

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Hello everybody!

Last week I thought about how amazing it would be to have an app that connects musicians and composers worldwide with each others, so that composers can ask musicians to play a certain passage to know how it would sound like in reality.

For instance:
A Chinese composer would like to know if the following saxophone melody is playable:

However, he doesn't know a saxophone player, to whom he could go for feedback.
With this app he could post this melody and all registered saxophonists can see it and consider to play and record it for the Chinese composer.

Is there such an app, I mean? If so, I would really appreciate the name of it!


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6 minutes ago, Muhammadreza said:

A "musician social network" ? Good idea! It also can help us know folk instruments and composition techniques.

I'm a computer engineer and programmer, I may start writing something for that :D


It would indeed be very helpful!
I was also thinking about creating an app for this purpose, but I don't know where to begin.
Maybe we can collaborate a bit and see if there is a chance to make this idea into a really useful tool.

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An app for something like this might be overkill, however I certainly would endorse it if someone took the initiative to create one.  I've tried a forum called "Find a Composer" but the forum never seemed to take off.  As @luderart said, if someone wants to create a thread in one of the forums, such as the Composers' Headquarters, feel free to do so.  And if that thread really takes off and is something popular, we can consider opening a new forum then.

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