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Penguins (Animal Sketches)


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Hey there,

Here is another sketch. The first part is to capture the playful nature of penguins; the march is to portray a line of penguins marching along (it is still playful and simple, but in a more rigid, marching style). I honestly didn't go for a lot of part writing rules and stuff in this piece, but if you think that there are spots that could use some of that stuff, then please feel free to point them out. As always, any suggestions and comments are appreciated.


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Cute, short piece. Interesting contrasts.
I will advise that you don't write the beginning and ending sections in 6/8; rather, use a swung 2/4, and just write not swung in the second section.
There were a couple moments in here that could deal a little better with nonharmonic tones. An example of this 54, where the violins hold C#, while the piano moves onto D. Check for some other places like that just in case.
The second section's orchestrations could be a bit different. The first B/B section has the violin kind of isolated, which is fine, but I want to check to make sure that's what you wanted. The second B/B section could benefit from a harmony rather than unison melody.
Says what it needs to say. Nice work. 

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