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Found 16 results

  1. This is a verse sketch I created to check and get feedback as far as if its coherent or too rough.
  2. I want my food, therefore I'll upload here my idea for choral music piece. I'm not sure if this one is going to have words or not, will think of that later and you can say your opinion about it. My questions for you: 1. Is that a good idea? (melody harmony etc.) 1.2 If not- what should I change? 2. How should I continue this piece. I mean, it's just two ideas presented one after the other and then together, it isn't a real music piece yet. so... what should I do with these materials? Thanks :P *Lets see if you notice the big difference between the pdf and the audio ;)
  3. Here is the next in my series of "Animal Sketches". This depicts a fly being ensnared by a venus fly trap. The MIDI rendering for this one is pretty terrible, so sorry about that. In rehearsal this evening, I had the violin I's play tremolo on all of the notes that didn't have a trill (except for the final measure); this made it sound a lot more "insecty". I am really trying to do a lot more composition. I know my stuff is pretty basic, which is why I'm open to any ideas ya'll have to share with me. Also, if you have a suggestion for an animal sketch you'd like to see me do, please let me know. I can definitely at least give it a try.
  4. Hey there, Here is another sketch. The first part is to capture the playful nature of penguins; the march is to portray a line of penguins marching along (it is still playful and simple, but in a more rigid, marching style). I honestly didn't go for a lot of part writing rules and stuff in this piece, but if you think that there are spots that could use some of that stuff, then please feel free to point them out. As always, any suggestions and comments are appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Blue Whale MIDI.mp3 Blue Whale PDF.pdf Hey ya'll, here is something I wrote yesterday morning. I know it is simple. If anyone has suggestions, please share them. (And sorry for the trashy audio rendering). Thanks!
  6. Not really daily sketches anymore, sadly. I'm hoping to at least on a schedule with them. Anyway, here's one I did today. It's pretty different than what I normally write and the vast majority of them are based on constant structure M7 chords, but with some dominants thrown in there. It's also kind of generic and common sounding but I hope it's nice to listen to!
  7. A few of you may remember this as Sketch No. 100 on this site, but I revisited it, updated it, and quite like the end result. A friend will be performing it for her recital in June. Enjoy!
  8. This is what happens when you have to write daily pieces and you get bored with writing crap. I'm quite proud of this work, even though it may not be conventional in any sense of the word. I hope you enjoy this one!
  9. This piece was supposed to be an introit or "requiem" movement to a requiem I was writing until I realized I hate writing with established formats (i.e. symphony, sonata, etc.) so this piece remains as is. As such, the final buildup was planned to up an octave and take two phrases instead of one to descend the second time through, but I never wrote a "second time through" so what's here is what's here. Enjoy!
  10. This was written a while back and one of my first piano sketches I felt somewhat proud of. Don't ask about the happy ending to a piece about "Little Red Riding Hood"... I had it in my head somehow that she gets saved by a passing hunter or something, so it's not really like the Rachmaninov ending It has its definite problems... weird transitions, short sections, and misuse of free atonality, but I still like to think of it as somewhat of an accomplishment.
  11. Experimenting with a bit of minimalism in a really grand, cinematic style, with exception of the V section, of course. I quite like the results, even if the piece is a little bit too simple.
  12. One of several sketches composed during the last few months. Exploring rhythm and melodic development. Thanks for listening!
  13. I kind of liked the sound of these three sketches clumped together into a suite so I did just that. The musical integrity (especially of the 2nd movement) isn't as necessarily as high as I would have liked before a copyright, but I was just too excited to not. I hope you all like it.
  14. Recent addition to the daily sketch series, and I wanted to see if I could match my own competition theme. I was also kind of on a time crunch to write that day (hedging...) so the results did not follow my criteria very well. It ended coming out more of a "Fantasy on Some Themes" rather than a "Variations on a Theme". However, I still think the result is decently pleasant. Please enjoy this fantasy on themes by Hovhaness from "And God Created Creat Whales"!
  15. The 50th in my sketch series. Working with basic tone rows (kind of ineffectively, but it works) and compound time signatures in this one. It sounds pretty minimal, until the slower parts. Enjoy! You're also probably wondering why I used the treble octave up clef instead of an 8va... well... I got lazy. Haha, sorry. It's just a sketch, after all.
  16. With some insight into your compositional process if possible.
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