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"Gone" by Karisa L. Clark

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I looked at your profile, saw th favourite composers and thought "ah, TSFH, that explains everything".

It sounds good, especially as background music for some kind of trailer or something.

The guys you're listening to are mostly sound producers, so it's good if you're going for soundtracks. I think.

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The use of -> i - i <- as a phrase builder is tension-diminishing, as it settles from one place, only to grow from a decayed place. I teach that it's like trying to grow plants on a nuclear wasteland. It's very effective in very specific circumstances, but I think it's used too much here. 
The countermelody in the cello was effective in use, comparatively, but could feel like its own thing more. 
The section at 2:25 feels like a buildup to a big final section, rather than what it's actually used for which is the big section. This is why the Nolan Batman movie scores are, at times, ineffective. 

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