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Rain Prayer


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Thats my rain prayer.

The only rain we had where I live this year last around five minutes and it wasn't enough for me to enjoy it.

Also I wanted to write something for choir (and the first idea had a trill in it). 

I tried to write something Jewish or Catholic but I don't like their god,

so I made up a rain goddess to pray to.


This is my prayer for SATB+Piano,

Please let me know what you think of it.


*Note that I didn't edit the audio so it's basically the midi from sibelius. I won't recommend listening to it, but I upload it for those who want to.

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8 hours ago, Luis Hernández said:

Not easy to imagine the voices (as they sound like the piano) but there's beauty in the music. Some modal flavor, too. 


It's just that I don't have a good choir vst.

If you have a good choir sounds library I can send you the midi so you'd be able to listen to it as choir and piano.

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Here is what I use:


Its a real investment I think you'll enjoy. The choirs here sound real, have many different tones, certain words you want the choir to say, and it even comes with a phrase builder. 

In the link there is a sound player you can listen to to check out how it sounds. In case you decide to buy it later.

Here's are two pieces I wrote using this software. I wrote this as soon as I bought this so my choir isn't as good as others lol:


I don't mean to advertise in your post but I hope I'm able to inspire you from one composer to another about using choirs.

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Nice, so you got 8dio Requiem!

I think it's something my ear is catching that doesn't sit well with me much. Then again I usually mix and master my sounds through external equipment. It might be the frequencies coming off of the sounds. I use a mixer board I can plug up to my computer, two large studio quality speakers, a studio quality equalizer table, and a pair of studio quality built headphones.

Were these sounds mixed and mastered?

I listened to it again using my headphones and I think what is happening is the frequencies are all being played together and not in their respective places. It's nothing wrong with the choir itself, just the mixing portion. Like the highs are being played along with the lows, and it's not bringing out the highs as clear. Same goes with the lows and mids. In a live instrument, the frequency of that instrument already has their own respective lows, mids, and highs set to that specific instrument. 

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The 'it' on measure m.23 doesn't need to be like that, it's more difficult to say 'it' properly with the hyphen in between Also m.71 I'd put a courtesy sharp on that solo, the key change is in a inconvenient spot. Finally, n places like m.9 you always have to tell the singers what to do. I'm guessing you either forgot or didn't realize.


Lovely piece of music though. I have little to say about the music it self.

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The best way to experience a video game soundtrack is to actually play the video game.

Ocarina of Time was a major expansion for the soundtrack, since music is integrated with the gameplay. Themes from Ocarina of Time have been constantly recycled and reimagined in later games.

Wind Waker is a personal favorite of mine.

Twilight Princess is a darker, more mature take on the Zelda aesthetic, and I think the soundtrack reflects it.

I have yet to play Breath of the Wild, but I've heard it's pretty good too.

8-Bit Music Theory is a Youtube channel that does really good analysis of video game music.




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