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Hello everyone!

I have yet another piece here for you, from my debut piano album "Ballerina". It´s a waltz this time and it´s a kind of minimalist waltz given the simplicity and the emphasis put on the melodies.

Please give it a listen and feel free to let me know how you like it, I´ll be very glad to read your opinions.

You can find the full album here https://oliverbohovic.bandcamp.com/album/ballerina


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:16, Bm7 right hand chord above a v chord in the left hand is a bit awkward.
1:03, V chord with a tonic (4th), resolving down to a minor 7th is also weird.
I generally just feel like I have to wait for the piece to move on/give us new material. Could have made this section shorter.
I think the ends of phrases could be better connected to adhere to voice leading principles. 
4:05, using the leading tone in a minor v chord.
6:09, i/V issue.
You really should have made some changes here in your material. It might be supposed to feel nostalgic, like returning to an old house, but to me it was frustrating to not hear a progression in motivic development.

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