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It is Finished (Excerpt from "The Crucifixion")


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Hey folks, 

Here is a short choir response which is a part of a larger work I am composing for my church's Easter service. 

Any comments are appreciated!



It is Finished.mp3

It is Finished PDF Score.pdf

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Sounds good to me.

For some reason I got the impression that they say finished instead of finished.

I don't know why.

Also, I'd like to hear the whole thing if you don't mind,

right now it's too short for me to give you a useful feedback.

I wonder... how did you get to a choir that is willing to sing your piece?

Do you know any choir that might be willing to sing my Rain Prayer?

I just saw that you're not following the post, so I'll note you here @celloman99



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@Rabbival507 I am preparing to post the first section of the overall piece to the "Large Ensemble" topic section.  Here is the last movement (an arrangement of two hymns):

To answer your question about the choir being willing to perform this piece, I am just very blessed to be part of a church which has always supported my music projects, allowing them to be performed on many occasions. 

If you're trying to find a choir to sing your piece, I would start with any small local choirs who might be in your area. They often are willing to try out new music. It depends on the type of community you live in I suppose.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate your insight. I will definitely think about the possibility of having the chord at 5 remain unchanged to avoid this anticlimactic feeling (I see what you mean).

Again, thanks so much for the reply and I hope you will check out the rest of my Crucifixion piece once I get it uploaded to the Large Ensemble section soon.

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