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Please listen until the end.

Feedbacks are very appreciated!!

Enjoy your life <3

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I listened to the whole piece form it's beginning to it's end.

It's very static and it doesn't feel like anything really happens in the first... around two and a half minutes, before you start introducing more instruments.

I'd make the beginning much shorter. Around half a minute long, not more than that.

I think that the second part should be shorter too. 

You basically composed a piece that is made of two very static parts.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, maybe that's what you meant to do. I don't know.

You did create some nice texture there.

I think that my tips can be summed into one helpful point:

Remember that a longer piece isn't always a better piece.

If you do want to create a longer piece... try changing things around.






You did change some of these, but to me it felt like you didn't change enough.


That's only my opinion and I'm not a music master or anything like that.


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I actually disagree with Rabbival. It doesn't look static to me at all. First of all, when violins motif is fully completed(you always add a note every bar or something), then third violin(?) starts playing, and then again it starts from a very short motif and becomes longer and longer. Then same with cellos, and then oboes, but the texture is always different. Then modulation is placed perfectly at about 2:30, when flute starts playing and then from all these staccato motifs it finally sums up to massive one, main motif. And then the ending is really beautifully made from the first motif! I think it is full of energy and happiness. I really liked this piece, good job!

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