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"Back Of My Mind" by Cj Rhen

Christian "Cj" Rhen

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I wrote this song to be meaningful, its a fancy song with meter changes and cool sax parts. Tell me what you think, follow me on SoundCloud and Instagram, I would love to follow people back who write and enjoy similar music as me and interact with them. My Instagram is wind_player1 and my SoundCloud is below. Thank You, Cj Rhen.

Listen to Back Of My Mind by Cj Rhen #np on #SoundCloud


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Nice rhythmic grooves on the drums, and with the saxophone lines. Some of the sounds you've mixed are a little strange at the start of the envelope. I think it's that the sound takes a split second to develop throws off my sense of rhythm, which hinders this more than helps it I think.

You've got a good motif going, and it's developed well. I'm not sure it ever becomes more than that, though, you know? Like how Beethoven developed his 5th Symphony motif into something more overarching. As it is, it feels like a bunch of small bits put together in a way that - while it makes sense to the ear and has direction - feels like just that: a bunch of small bits put together. Well-crafted bits, mind you, but I find myself craving something a little larger in terms of a phrase development. Your sentences are good, it's the large phrases. Bah, words are had with music...


Beyond that, I have no critiques, and those are just small things!


Lots of good stuff, see how you can keep listeners hooked!

Good work,

Gustav Johnson

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This was interesting, and definitely not bad. However, I kind of heard at as a bit of a mixing and matching exercise, where you introduce a lot of orchestrational tools then put them together in different ways. You most likely weren't thinking of it that way, but I didn't get a sense of development because of it. I really think you could have shot it off to be something really cool. Writing was a bit safe because of it. You're not required to stay in one key or sonority. Nicely done overall.

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