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Compose in the style of John Williams

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That's a lot of Williams, yes.

I didn't start humming it, but I think that you successfully conveyed Williams here so I'll comment here anyway.

I find it very well orchestrated. Actually I'm listening to many Williams things these days in order to get ready for the Solo.

I know that it's already out, and of course that I already listened to the soundtrack, but I want to see how the soundtrack connects to the movie,

so I'm doing some... homework. I also watched the fourth and fifth Star Wars movies. Will probably go to the Cinema tomorrow after seeing of few more.

Also I think that that's not how Star Wars movies should sound like but that's a story for another time?

So well done, you successfully conveyed John Williams! Cheers!

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Yes, indeed. I can clearly hear it his style echo this work. Great job! Emulating styles is the best place to start when you are fresh and new. Later, you will devople  your own, and his style might sept back in, but not in full force. 

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