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I like this theme.

I'm not jumping to the end to read your insight about life because I want to get to it the way you intended.

I live to hear the performance of my pieces.


Wait what XD

Your cat has a chord? XD

How did you find out that's his chord?

Is your cat one of your reasons to live?

Does he have anything to do with your insight?


"Jigsaw"? What's that?

We're getting closer to the answer time,

does it have anything to do with the answer?



I'm confused.

Jigsaw is your answer?

Better go look it up online.


So life are a big picture made of many little pieces.

Yes, it makes sense.


Let me see if I have anything to say about the music itself.

Well no, I think it's great and you managed to make a long piece that isn't boring.

So the secret for that might be many themes.

My piece for the festival should be ten minutes long.

Therefore I should try build it out of different things like you did.


Well composed piece then,

my favorite theme is "Cracking the Code of Life".




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Thanks for listening. I can see the video in high quality (1084), perhaps going to youtube works better than seeing it embbebed.

They are a collection of pieces about little thoughts about life.

My cat's chord was played by him. He jumped over the keyboard and those notes were recorded in the program. I wrote the piece using it.

Jigsaw is made putting together little fragments of works: Chopin etude 10 nº 1, You don't bring me flowers (Streisand/Diamond), Wouldn't it be nice (The Beach Boys), For no one (Beatles)... Is a metaphor of life, made of little pieces like a puzzle.

In general, I use many contemporary techniques: no functional harmony, harmony by 2nd/7th, ain't it easy is totally bitonal.

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