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Should I Lift This Passage an Octave?


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1 hour ago, Luis Hernández said:

What is the background in that moment? In that register the flute would sound rich. Taking it all an octave up will make it sound louder. I don't think higher notes can be played if not "forte", but they're possible.


Thanks for the quick answer.

Until 224 it's just the flute and then the piano and cello join in.

Are you sure it would sound rich?

Even that long G note?

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The flute has quite a large tone difference between registers (not as much as, say, the clarinet though). If you took the whole thing up an octave, it would not necessarily be louder but it would become more excited.

Also, the last high B is difficult to play up the octave, especially jumping from a D. It would sound nice both ways, but it really depends on the musical effect you want.

Good luck with your piece.

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