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This is a piece I wrote a few months ago, I’ve been having fun playing it and thought I’d share it, enjoy!


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I appreciate the live rendition, and incidentally, the visual filter you used fits the somewhat Impressionistic style of the piece. Cool!


Definitely better than the midi version. Part of the appeal of this piece is more the feel of the reverb and echo of the progressions, rather than only the notes themselves, if that makes any sense, so I'm really happy you put up a live performance. I think you really did a great job with the atmosphere, it's captivating. However, I think the B section at the about 2/3rds way through was a little bit too much. The L.H. is too loud and repetitive, and I think it bogs down the atmosphere rather than giving it another dimension. Maybe try adding softer dynamics, like mf, so that there is some cresc., but not too much so that it sounds over-dramatic. And as interesting harmonically as the beginning and end are, I think the B part should have more interesting harmonies in the L.H. too. But that's just my 2 cents.


Thanks for sharing, this is a really neat piece. 😄

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