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Pavlos Hatzipolakis

Sonata in G sharp for piano solo

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Hello. I'd like to share my 3 movement sonata with you, an opus i honestly feel deep in every note of every movement.

-1st movement: Greatly inspired by Chopin's prelude in C minor and by his generally captivating ostinatos. It is meant to make you feel sorrowfull, grieve and that nobody loves you.

-2nd movement: In general meant to make you feel happy. The coda at 3.00 is meant to convey the feelings of reminiscence, similar to Beethoven's 2nd Pathetique movement.

-3rd movement: The idea is to contraddict the previous movements to a fast paced, colourfull, mood changing back and forth feeling. Ment to make you feel anxious, crazy, happy, melancholic and mostly in tension. 

Comment always highly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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First of all, don't be so preoccupied with writing with the intent of making anyone feel anything specific. You're going to lose that battle against your audience.
Secondly, I'm going to focus in on the second movement.
I feel like sometimes you're going for something complex when it doesn't have to be. Your deceptive cadences are lovely, especially in the coda, but your brief modulations and borrowed chords sometimes are ineffective at maintaining tone (happy or "reminiscent" as it may be). The most egregious one was hearing Ab->E using the flattened dominant as a secondary common tone. 
The voice leading also leaves something to be desired. I only mention this because it was supposed to be similar to the Pathetique sonata, but the contrast between open intervals in the bass and a very squirrel-y melody line sometimes exacerbated some of the more noticeable harmonic changes.
It's a nice movement with a clear plan, but some of its moment-to-moment progressions took me out of it sometimes.

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