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The Sunrise Holds a Promise

Haris Javoric

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Hi guys, would like to now what you think about the composition. Its hard to say in which direction it realy fits, I would say ambiental-classical.

DAW: Cubase 10 Elements
VST Instruments: Arturia V Collection, EW Steinway Piano
VST Effects: Fabfilter


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It's certainly ambient, but I don't know why it needs to have the classical label. 
The tonic chord and subdominant chord (E and A minor) with their block chord aesthetic is certainly repeated, but sometimes could maybe use different voicings or less filled in chords for a more smooth effect. It gets a little crowded aurally when small spacings in that register are used repeatedly like that, at least for me.
For that reason, section two I think was a little more successful; the only gripe I had was hearing the parallel 4ths and 5ths in that high register. It's a neat effect but does juxtapose against the other soundscape you're trying to make.
It's a neat little work with a lot of great ebb and flow.

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