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Blonk, a piece for Percussion Ensemble

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This first in a project to write a roughly 1 minute piece with a different instrumentation each day of the summer holiday. I've also focused on using different modes and scales for each piece. I thought I'd undertake this challenge to improve my compositions. Feel free to give feedback.


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Hey! That's really nice. 

I'd just point out a few things. I'd say it's important to write how many musicians you expect to play this piece, and what every one of those will be doing at every moment. That's just because it can really save efforts from orchestras that eventually decide to play this piece. It's also a good exercise to properly visualize the piece. 

Also, I'd put some dynamic markings throughout the piece. It would help real musicians visualize how they are supposed to play. MIDI can be grat to give us a "preview" of how the piece is going to sound, but if you don't specify to the musicians how you expect it to sound, it may come out as a completely different thing in the end.

Also, you may want to expand this later, add some contrasting parts, etc. It may help the listener to feel like it's a complete piece.

One way or another, I think this is really enjoyable and would listen to this in a concert. 

Best of luck, Jean.

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