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A little and quiet piece for this month.


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I like this a lot.  It's nice and impressionistic, but still well grounded in traditional harmony.  The only possible criticism I'd have is that I found the moments where the motion stopped (like m. 12 or m. 22) to be ever so slightly jarring, and I wonder if it would work better if the flow were not interrupted there.  On the other hand, maybe those pauses are needed to prevent a sense of monotony; I don't know.

Anyway, the above notwithstanding, I think the piece is very effective.  Well done!

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Hello Luis! :)

As you say on your profile your style is eclectic,
and pitch-wise I can definitely hear that,
but on the rhythm-side of the things everything sounds a little bit more strict (at least to my ears),
and this is something that I want to try out too one day!

I've got another idea from this:
What if we compose a song by chosing 1 song from any composer,
and use all the same rhythms,
but change all the pitches?
Is that a thing? Does that "technique"(?) has a name?
Sorry, I digressed a little bit :)

Anyways, nice composition, Sir!
I enjoyed listening to it!

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@Lotsy piano   thanks

The idea of this short piece was to provide a constant and strong background (which is the left hand with the arpeggios always with the same interval distribution taking chord tones) and leaving the right hand to explore other ways, sometimes going out of the harmony.

About your proposition.... I don't know. If you take the rhythm of something well known as Ravel's bolero surely you'll get a bolero again. But if you take some not so "learned" rhythm anything could happen. For example, some part of the Rite of Spring by Stravinsky.

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Great piece!!! I love how it's built. It transmit me this feel of a Nocturne (you could call it Nocturne I think) of a Prelude (it also builts about a motive more or less).

The only feedback I can give is that at the start there's a point (in the trill) that it doesn't sounds that well, and I think interrupts the great flow of the piece. Good job!

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