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Found 25 results

  1. I was inspired by the sound and arrangement style of this album I found on YouTube called Sailing to the World. -- I may have ruined my presentation by linking to this comparison! I figured subdued dynamics and generous use of the sustain pedal were important to the sound I wanted. I also tried to add some moments of rhythmic fluidity. Do you think the ending is okay? I realize that the last chord may be a little sideways. I personally like it, but I also feel a little bit uncertain about it.
  2. Hi everyone This is an impressionist influenced piece I composed 3 years ago or so and I'd be interested to know what you think! Cheers
  3. This impressionistic-romantic piece was for a challenge to make a one handed piano piece sound like two hands or more (challenge rules meant that I had to make a piece that was relatively short). I've been studying left hand technique for a while and have made sure that the entire piece is playable. This is my most experimental and musically subtle piano piece yet, so I'd love some criticism on this piece on what I can improve on. NOTE: You do not have to play the grace notes at the speed played; just play them as fast as possible. Rubato is encouraged. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grf1gDEE7zM
  4. A little and quiet piece for this month. November.pdfNOVIEMBRE.mp3
  5. The third installment (and middle movement) in the Icelandic Suite for Piano Solo. This movement is slow and poignant, often even lethargic. It relies heavily on quartal harmonies, diminished 5ths, and whole tone scales to convey a sense of listlessness and loss (my emotions, at least). The inspiration comes from deep mourning and melancholy, looking out on a rain-drenched day. I hope it finds resonance with your soul, too. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the length of the piece. Bar for bar, it's shorter than the other two movements thus far, but the sluggish tempo makes it longer in duration. I tried to keep it interesting by modulating and varying the melodies/accompaniments, but I'm worried it may become too boring. I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts about this—and about the piece in general. Thanks, and happy listening!
  6. hello everyone, I am back, this is my new piece, hope you like it. Op109 Nr12 by Synthesia
  7. Hello everyone, I am back, this is my new piece, hope you like it.
  8. This is the piece I newly composed, hope you like it!
  9. This is a set of preludes I composed and recorded for the piano, and the set tells the narrative of a maritime journey, detailing the calm sea, the time spent on the ship, the lighthouse on land, the seabirds, and finally the port. I made these pieces the bulk of my newest album, and it can be found here. Thanks, and let me know what you think.
  10. this is my new piece , hope your commentation @Luis Hernández
  11. this is my new piece, hope you like it.
  12. This is the piece I newly composed, hope you like it.
  13. Hello everyone, this is the piece I newly composed, it depicts the mental state of a psychotic, hope you like it, and @Luis Hernández welcome your commentation.
  14. Hello everyone, I am back, this is my new piece of music, hope you like it.
  15. Now and then, I go back to Satie, and write some shadow of what his great and inspiring music is. Gymnopédie II.mp3 Gymnopédie II.pdf
  16. I decided to write something a few days ago, just for the sake of writing something. So, I sat down, and a couple hours later this is what resulted. It's a bit of an aimless piano piece, but it was fun to play around with the harmonies and chords. The score is a little untidy - I was more writing it for the sound of it, and to get sibeilus to play it correctly - but I might decide later to tidy it up into a more readable version.
  17. Hi I've been working on something simple but funny (for me). Inspired in the life of my cats, I'm doing a king of little suite for flute, clarinet and piano. The clarinet is not transposed in the score. Well, music for me is this, too... T I've written too pieces (working on more): Awakening: the moment when the all come back from the dreamworld. Purring: including the sound of Dexter.
  18. This is what I see now from my window right now (well, I live in the mountains). And this is how I "feel" it with music. Yes, there are some measures (74-75...) where the flute is quite dissonant. It's not a mistake, I wanted it. For me it's beautiful (it means something, to me). link to soundcloud (mp3 player doesn't work, I'm afraid): BLOSSOM
  19. Non functional progressions and other stuff. Short, and yes: it has the structure I wanted.
  20. As I love Satie, sometimes I "try to copy" his style, and I play with harmonies and chords...
  21. Two improvisations I recorded yesterday. They are contrasting (in my opinion) - let me know what you think! I recommend listening to the "Soft" one first. Soft.MP3 Hard.MP3
  22. Some time ago, I wrote music (piano solo) for the silent movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, synchronizing music and image and, by the way translating the titles into Spanish. After that, I extracted two suites. This is the first. From m. 140 to m. 153 you will notice a quotation (harmonized in a peculiar way) of a song by The Beatles from Sgt. Peppers: For the Benefit of Mr. K... It corresponds to the scene of the fair in the movie. Of course it is very different to listen and to wath it.
  23. Here's an original I wrote a while ago.. Had a bad day today, and this piece is relaxing.. so thought it might help some one else too.. I listen to it now, and have no recollection of how I did it, or got to the point to lay these tracks together.. I think Keith Richards said it best.. When asked how he managed to write hundreds of songs, a number of them top 10 hits.. He responded with, "I receive, I transmit."... Sometimes that happens to me, I get lost, and it just comes out, and I just try to stay out of the way, and not ruin it, by overthinking it.. The ending which seems to come out of nowhere, was in a different key than the body of the song, which gives it, that (I'm doing this with conviction, but I don't know what the hell I'm doing feeling).. gives it a weird enough twist..
  24. Hi everyone! This is a piano piece from my debut EP and It's called "Impression". Althought I'm not very good at determining certain styles,I think it has elements of contemporary piano music and impressionism. I recorded it by myself. Please let me know how you like it!
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