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This piece doesn't really expand on the idea of the episode much more than the last one -instead, I develop more attention to the material within the overall structure.

Sorry for the rendering, I think the sffz destroyed my speakers!!!

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10 hours ago, Left Unexplained said:

starts off slow but boy does it pick up. I like the way you develop your themes.


I'm a big fan of brevity when it comes to material. I like to build my structures out of motivic units -and sometimes even just small kernels. You can get a lot out of so little.

7 hours ago, aMusicComposer said:

Very nice. I like your development too. I think it's very effectively used in your piece.

I think nearer the end you could even stretch to an sfffz!


I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've gotten really bad congestion over the last month or so -just my normal seasonal congestion due to the colder weather. This time it's lessened the hearing out of my left ear... so, you'll have to pardon the sffz and loud dynamics in my works of late. 

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12 minutes ago, Jean Szulc said:

I like how your pieces are purposeful, everything is well placed and sounds musical. One idea leads to the next, and when a composer has nice ideas, oh boy does it get interesting.

Great job.


That's the goal of composition: to move seamlessly from one idea to the next -with each idea being interconnected to the last. And each piece expands your capabilities and abilities. Self improvement from trial and error. That's how it works. Shame all of our old works were lost over time on this forum. You'd have an entire corpus of my development!

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