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Time is eternal. As sentient beings, we often fail to understand that despite the eternal nature of time, we -ourselves- aren't. At some point, our lights will extinguish -our lives will come to an end. 

This is scored for a chamber orchestra of one of each woodwinds (, brass (, vibraphone, timpani, and strings. 

Compositionally, this is an abridged sonata form. The exposition lasts for roughly the first minute, the development section lasts most of the work. The recapitulation was shortened to just a restatement of one theme (with textural variation) with coda. 

I'd love to have some comments regarding the orchestration -as that's still an area I'm trying to strengthen.

Hope you enjoy!


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Well built crescendo at the beginning. Nicely melody taken by the oboe and reinforce with basson and the remaining winds. Good climax again from 44 to 52, although the ascending scale in the two final measures is a bit "standard". It goes on with the strings and timpani adding winds in other theme, very nice.

It changes to a quieter manner with contrast. Beautiful rising and fall with the vibraphone taking part. Final rich part, rhytmically.

I like this piece very much.Tension-relief..., perfect. Interesting melodies and rhythm

Why is the clef in "contrabajo" (double bass) with that "8".

I think the strings are overused a little bit (the never stop playing), sometimes it's part could be transferred and adapted to the brass section.

Nice nice job.

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