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A piece made with only chords

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1 hour ago, BrotherVIOLA666 said:

I thought of it like an etudish piece (i mean it is chords and it is like a study). So what can you call it?

I don't know, When I hear it, it just screams harmony, it needs a melody. 

To me, its just too boring. Maybe it could be a textbook example on advanced harmony(compared to what you learn in Music Theory 1)

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Have you tried playing it on a real piano? The infinite pedale might become pretty messy, I think. Also, if you don't want to add any notes to the piece, why don't you try to voice some notes from your chords to create a melody line?

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On 7/7/2020 at 5:47 AM, BrotherVIOLA666 said:

This piece is only made using chords. This is just an experiment. feedback expected.BTW Inspired from chopins e minor prelude.(op 28 no 4)



Harmonies are indeed interesting, but it looks to me like an accompaniment without melody 🙂. And why not creating a melody based on that nice progression? I see your chords are mainly linked harmonically, so at least one note is shared by two consecutive chords. You can take advantage of that and create a simple melodic line using the shared notes. It don't has to be complicated at all, but I think it could work fine and give more sense to your progression. 

Usually I create the melody first and then I look for an accompaniment accordingly, but sometimes it happens the other way arround and the results are nice as well 😉 

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