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Hi everyone!  As I have in the past enjoyed video game music sometimes even more than classical music, I thought I'd post some of my favorite tracks to share with you.  If you post in this forum try to share your reasons for liking the excerpt(s).  Does it put you in a certain mood?  Is there some technical quality of the music that you admire?  Does it break some rules?  Does it follow certain other rules?  Anything you can think of!

Example:  This is a track from the original "Star Fox" for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  "Titania" is an ice planet in the game that you have to traverse in the novice course to the planet "Venom" the ultimate seat of the antagonist "Andross".  I like this track because of it's cool house beats and use of both the natural and flat 7th degree of the scale at the same time.  If you listen carefully, the bass has a kind of tonic pedal-like riff that includes a flat 7th while the melody is playing a natural 7th.


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