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Hi! I'm a senior in high school who plays piano and organ.

Would any composers be interested in composing the finale of a four-movement piece based on a Ukrainian folk tune? My channel and I have been working on our "Symphonic Variations on a Ukrainian Folk Tune" for nearly 11 months. Without being overly political (political works of art tend to get dated quickly), our piece is a gesture in support of the Ukrainians and anyone else working for peace. This would admittedly be a tricky project. 🥴

1. The work would incorporate the folk tune "Long Live Free Ukraine": https://musescore.com/user/40554345/scores/7785305 , which is featured in the other three movements.
2. Also, the finale would need to incorporate ideas from the rest of the piece. This would help provide unity. An example would be the Ukrainian national anthem, one of the main themes of the opening Allegro Moderato.
3. It would be scored for piano, organ, a small SATB choir, and hopefully percussion.
4. The rest of the piece is surprisingly lengthy, so it would hopefully be at least 20 minutes in length to balance. (I do apologize if that seems like a lot.)
5. The work is not a piece of chamber music. We're calling for organ and piano instead of orchestra because that's much simpler. The choral finale would have the "feel" of a large-scale symphonic finale (think Myaskovsky or even Beethoven or Mahler 😳), successfully resolving all the tensions of the previous movements. Think big! Be a "visionary." Imagine that you could somehow resolve all the conflicts in the world through a single piece of music.
6. In addition, any potential composers would need to look over a current draft of the finale by the composer of the first movement. They'd incorporate whatever ideas they might want from the sketch in their composition. If they don't want to include anything from the draft, they definitely don't need to. (The composer and I thought that the sketch was unsatisfactory, but that it did contain a few decent ideas.)
7. I'm still working out what exactly what the choral text would be.
8. I'd be willing to pay up to five hundred dollars through PayPal. 
  1. 9. The current structure of the work is
    I. Allegro Moderato (E minor, 13 minutes) [complete]
    II. Passacaglia (B-flat minor) [still in progress]
    III. Variations (E minor, 20+ minutes) [essentially complete]
    IV. Finale (E minor - E major, 20+ minutes) [unfinished]
    10. Finally, I've recorded six of the third movement's variations and uploaded them to our YouTube channel, Classicore. I'll finish recording the piano and organ parts within the next few months, and other musicians I know will record the choral and percussion parts. We'll upload the finished project to the channel. 

    This is admittedly a difficult project, but I would be incredibly grateful to find a composer to work with! If you're interested, definitely reach out! I'd appreciate it.

    Dominic Fiacco
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