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I enjoyed this as well. Given that this is your first attempt at minor, and that you finished this in a day, I won't be too hard on you. But here are some tips for the future:

  • Try modulating to relative major. It's a great way for a beginner to experiment with some well tested key changing techniques. You can look at Wikipedia for the relative keys, but basically its the same key signature, the notes are just shifted differently.
  • Try to come up with a simple melody for your next piece. This piece has a good rhythm and some may argue that you do have a melody. But I want to challenge you on this. Here's a simple short piece by Bach, but there's a clear melody/theme making it memorable. I don't have the secret formula to good melodic writing, but its something "you just know" when you hear it. But I do believe good melodic writing comes from true music appreciation and listening practice.

Ahh, and I said I wouldn't be too hard on you. I will end on a positive note! Your structure is well done, and the fact that you composed this in a day means you can learn quickly with focused practice. Also, not all of Bach's music is as melodic as Badinerie, so perhaps I was being a little unfair.

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Hey Aaron,

I like your use of triplets here!

2 hours ago, 44W74l4 said:

Okay i will try that, I've practiced  modulation to dominant and subdominant so far

-I think you can change the A minor cadence with a A major chord there, since it's more usual to have a half cadence for the close of 1st section for a short piece like this. The beginning of the 2nd section can also have A major to begin.

-b.8 beware of the clef change in the LH.

-b.14 the tritone F-B in RH, and then a G natural before a G# in the next bar seems strange to me. B.15 has two G#, and an augmented second with the F-G# in the LH with the previous F. Changing a E in the bassline of b.16 will help.

-You can also add subdominant here, which is G minor.

Thx for sharing!



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5 hours ago, 44W74l4 said:

This is like a million times better than my piece xD but yeah I'll try to compose a simpler melody or rhythm  on my next piece 🙂,right now i'm trying to improve in terms of  harmony

Lol don't be too hard on yourself. This piece is actually better than a lot of my work too in terms of "good melodic content". And I put a focus on melody in my piano writing. It's a hidden gem in the Bach world because its a part of a suite, and it doesn't start as the first work in the suite either. But it is a fantastic example of good melodic writing of a prolific composer from the 18th century! I don't know how he did it, but he did. Let's both learn from this work!

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