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    I thought that I had finally finished my 4th étude, but then I found several errors, so I will post it later. In the meantime, I am posting an earlier étude (nr2), which I revised quite a lot about two years ago. I dedicated it to a great pianist and friend, who passed away. I would like to know what you think of it.
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    I must echo @Noah Brode... thank you, @Monarcheon and @Luis Hernández for your dedication and thorough evaluations of these works. And for the time you sink into this forum in general. It does not go unnoticed. Special congratulations to @Gustav Johnson for the win! I'm just honored (and pleasantly surprised) to have been named among the top 3. (I kept checking the individual judge's scores to make sure there wasn't a math error.) All of you were quite worthy competitors and I'm fairly certain none of us would have produced such top-quality works (speaking for others, of course) had the standards not been so high. This competition stretched me in so many good ways—I'm already looking forward to the next one!
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    Thank you to @Monarcheon and @Luis Hernández for their hard work as judges, and thank you to all of the other entrants for their fine entries as well! Third place is an honor among such solid competition. Congratulations to @Gustav Johnson and @Tónskáld for their well-deserved honors! This was a hearty competition that hearkened back to days of YC past, and it makes me optimistic about the future of competitions here. Well done, all!
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    This is fascinating! I love your chord progressions here. And the rhythm is so... nonchalant, just like a cat. I feel like you've captured the subject very well in the music. Great job!
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