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What is currently your favorite piece of music?


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Rhapsody in Blue

Ravels Piano Concerto in G

Saint Saens carninval of the animals, and clarinet sonata

Pines of Rome

Brandenburg Concerto

Ionization (varese)

Octandre (varese)

Clair De lune


I would scallop you out for putting Clair de Lune on the list... but you've also included Ravel's Piano Concerto in G so all is well.

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What's wrong with Clair De Lune?

Its a great piece. and it helps me relax ;)

It's an alright piece in itself; however it gets an OVERWHELMING amount of attention while many of his other pieces get comparetively little attention because everyone is so hung up on Clair. Never before have I seen the general public focus on such a (comparitvely) crappy piece by a composer. The following pieces by Debussy are better in my opinion: The prelude from the same suite as Clair, both entire books of preludes (besides maybe one or two pieces on each book), La Mer, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Petite suite for four hands, Nocturnes, sonata for viola, flute, and harp, and Estampes. There are more I'm probably forgetting but oh well.

I just don't like Clair because of it's massive popularity and the fact that it shows up EVERYWHERE in pop culture (Hell, it was even in an episode of South Park). Also, it's one of the least challenging pieces by a composer that's not all that challenging to get into in the first place.

So there, my rant on Clair de Lune. ;)

EDIT: Also, Scriabin's 5th sonata is now my favorite piece. So beautiful.

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Composer: Stephen Sondheim.

Work:The "Sweeny Todd" Suite.

Specific Selection: "Wait"

Reason: Contrasting Themes, Mix of Texture, Context in the Suite

Other Selections from the Suite: "Ballad of Sweeney Todd","Not While I'm Around", "Johanna", "God That's Good"

Any of you familiar with this work?

(I prefer the music-play edition music to the movie score)

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I share Tyler's complete views on Clair. I'm performing Bergamasque in a recital here and there, but I won't perform Clair if I'm not playing the whole suite. I'd rather use the time playing the more overlooked pieces of Debussy (i.e. the other movements of Bergamasque) that I feel are worth the attention. Right now my favourite of the suite is the Passepied. I'm not sure I even like the Prelude right now. I've started on Suite Pour le Piano recently, we'll see how that turns out.

Favourite piece of music at the moment... hmm, would I go with Shosty's 2nd piano concerto? I think I will - I've been listening to it more than any other piece as of late, I might order it and learn it. I had an Arnold Bax infatuation a few months ago, now I think I'm discovering Poulenc, really digging the Concerto for Two Pianos and Orch. Can't find a recording on the webz of the Concerto for (single) Piano and Orch.... except with a piano accompaniment instead of the orch. Driving me nuts. Oh, and his Sonata for Horn, Trumpet and Trombone hit me just right. <3

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