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Birthdate Composition Challenge

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Its been a while since i've been here. Good to be back and also surprised they changed the look of the site. I thought i'd throw a little challenge for those who are currently unnocupied.




Write a short (1 minute?) piece based on the following duo: The instruments must correspond to your birthdate.

January: Timpani

February: Oboe

March: Glockenspiel

April: Flute

May: Violin

June: Horn

July: Bassoon

August: Celesta

September: Bass Clarinet

October: Tenor Sax

November: Contrabass

December: Cor Anglais

1:Marimba; 2:Horn; 3:Bass Clarinet; 4:Piccolo; 5:Viola; 6:Bass Trombone; 7:Clarinet; 8:Vibraphone; 9:Euphonium; 10:Glockenspiel; 11:Timpani; 12:Tuba; 13:Violin; 14:Oboe; 15:Cello; 16:Tubular Bells; 17:Melodica; 18:Cor Anglais 19:Tenor Sax; 20:Bass Clarinet 21:Bassoon; 22:Trumpet; 23:Eletric Bass; 24:Piano; 25:Harpsichord; 26:Flute; 27:Organ; 28:Trombone; 29:Guitar; 30:Soprano Sax; 31:Celesta

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Oh lord. Contrabass and piccolo? It really would be a challenge to write something decent with that combo

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5 hours ago, Austenite said:

Oboe and organ? Dang... Not very proficient on organ writing.

That's okay, just call the piece "Organ Failure".

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This is kind of funny. I have got Tubular bells and Tenor sax.

The funny thing is that I am fan of Mike Oldfield and he has written an album called "Tubular Bells".

I also used the instrument  several times when I was young. I think the reason I chose it was because of that album. :-)


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