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Really nice. I love the second movement. Something about the backing chords in the accordion with the melody in the piano, all in the minor mode, just creates a wonderful vibe, like a rainy day. Also, great accordion writing in the third movement. I think your more classical background shined through in that movement -- not only with the polyphony and counterpoint, but I thought the more straightforward structure was almost like the traditionally 'square' final movement of a concerto. 

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Oh boy. Love the Samba feel.  I am definitely at a cafe, for sure. The second movement brings the rain, but just sit there for a while, cause it's sprinkles. The minor mode, the gentle rain, and the clouds cause me to start reminiscing. Mistakes made, opportunities I missed, etc.  but it's OK. That heavy chord progression at 8 minutes. move me to a different frame of mind. Now I'm digging deeper into my insights.. and understand the phrase 'you reap what you sow'...

Then the next movement with a dancing accordion and 3/4 time, lightens my frame of mind again.  Wow look what you made me do in 14 minutes..  Inspiring. 

You let the piano carry all the harmonic weight so smoothly for segments in the first movement, then go back into sparse chordal and the high riffing melody.. very well executed.  A lot of chords, the guitar and bass hold the tent to the ground as all the chords flow past..

If I may ask, how long did this take?  Did you write these as individual segments on different days..  I want to understand, how one can mentally move into a whole different frame of mind.. Changing my frame of mind requires me to wait, and 'clear the palette (of the mouth - so tastes don't get in the way of each other). It takes me a while to let go of a point of view or frame of mind, to jump into a different mindset, for a different piece of music. I would guess with your experience, this just might be momentary pause to move onto a different plane.   

I read that Brian Wilson of the Beachboys, did what he called 'modular recording.  that is he wrote all these different little sections, then pieced them together later.. often switching where they went, and he got further into his mental process. 'Good Vibrations' is his watermark moment of that technique, but that took a lot of time, different recording studios, and mindsets. He referred to this song as his 'pocket symphony'.. (well at least for pop music)

What you have done is very impressive and inspiring.. Thank you...

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La France!

The first movement reminds me of Paris. I don't know why, maybe it's the beat or the dreamy mood. I like it anyway.
I like how you introduce the accordeon and accompanying strings in the second movement.
As I said the first movement reminds me of the French avenues, but the third is just the superlative degree. The music couldn't be any Frencher. I am a Francophile, so thanks for this lovely music.

In my opinion, you use acciaccaturas and other grace notes too frequently in general. On the other hand, it really sets the atmosphere of a Café and the music sounds very jazzy helped by these grace notes.

This genre isn't my favourite one, but I must say I enjoyed it very much. I can relax easily by listening to this suite. Thanks!


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Thanks everyone! 

On 6/20/2017 at 11:35 AM, Maarten Bauer said:

In my opinion, you use acciaccaturas and other grace notes too frequently in general. On the other hand, it really sets the atmosphere of a Café and the music sounds very jazzy helped by these grace notes.

I was thinking I was too, but I only wrote it that way predicated by some other acts I'd seen in the past. Sooooooo, I thought the piece was too boring on its own so I threw some in there. However, I will say that some of those are just arpeggiated chords rather than grace notes.

:happy:Thanks again!

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