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Four hands piece in exchange for food. deal?


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Maybe I should stop with the food joke.

Idk, it's just that I've been composing music for over three years, and I count my music level as more than starving. I'm not over-fed though.

There's my four hands nocturne.

I composed it as a game ost (cause I really thought I could make a game).

Please give it a listen and tell me what you think.


*Yes, I know the bass line is repetitive. I composed it in a game-like style for a situation that nothing really happens. Try to listen with that in mind.

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Lovely work.

It is restful, because the music is clear: you have a nice melody and an effective accompaniment.
I know it is hard to write for quatre mains, because there are so many lines you 'need to' fill in, but you don't have much variety in timbre like in an orchestra.
In my opinion, you can improve the lay-out of the score. Just a little bit more articulation markings so that the performers know what you want.

I think you did very well. Great job!


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