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Aquarelle for Flute & Piano - "Sky Study"

Jared Steven Destro

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Here is a short piece for flute and piano entitled “aquarelle,” a French term used for watercolor paintings. The inspiration for the term came from Frederick Delius (a favorite composer of mine), who used it for two of his chamber pieces. For me, the term helped me better envision what I intended to depict – a study of the sky (which itself was derived by the watercolor that I paired with the music by J. M. W. Turner). The piece is divided into three clear sections – the first and last being very similar – depicting the passage from open sky to clouds back to the open sky above the clouds.


In the first section, the piano has a brief introduction, which is meant to flow like a gentle breeze, before the flute sets a gentle melody on top of it. The second section is a view of the clouds, which come and go like giants, flowing from one to the other; at the end of this section, grace-note figures in the flute part are introduced to resemble the flapping of a birds’ wings fighting through the clouds. The final section is back to the soaring melodies from the first section, now with the grace-note figures as a constant image. The piece ends abruptly with the flute, just how gust of wind might blow at full force only to die away suddenly.


Like all my recent chamber works, I am going to try to obtain a recording of this work. Wish me luck, and I appreciate any comments, just as usual!

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4 hours ago, Mikebat321 said:

Very expressive. Impressive sounds! Sounds like real musicians! Is it? If not what sounds did u use..? Kontakt?


Thank you so much! I use Garritan (4.0, I think, which came with Finale 2014). I always use the "solo" instruments -- e.g. "flute solo," as opposed to "flute player 1" -- as I found the sound is significantly more realistic. I also keep the reverberation from medium-to-low -- as it really muddies the sound under most, if not all, circumstances -- and I increase the "quality" setting of the ARIA player to max (though, to be honest, I'm not sure what difference this makes). Anyway, it is my plan to get real players performing this, but Garritan offers a realistic enough start!

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