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Mangrove Lake Swans - Far away in the dark

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Very nice melody!!!

Wowww! @Muhammadreza ??? After the 2':30" Very nice melody! All this piece is cool, but this piano piece is -for me- amazing! 

A melody that -i dont know why- but continues playing over my head even if i am in silence,  without music & headphones!

My opinion:

At the start, it is a little bit sad -but dark is sad as well, so it is exactlly what the tittle of this music says!

Well written (my opinion)  i like it because it rest me what i am listening !  After the 2':30"as i said... very very nice melody!

Thats my minimal opinion for your work! 

i am hearing it right now! :)

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The beginning's repetition worked for itself, but you could have potentially added more to the growing effect, rather than just the velocity.
The middle section was a bit confusing since the backing chords were harder to hear and it sounded like the third of the chord dominating the whole thing which can sound a little awkward.
The end section's melody doesn't really compliment the harmonic rhythm, in my opinion. It jumps around a lot and not necessarily together all the time. Ending on the i every time might have contributed a bit.
I like the sonorities you're going for, it just seems a little safe right now.

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