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Two Sententiae for String Orchestra, Op. 309

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These are my "Two Sententiae for String Orchestra, Op. 309". It is rarely that I compose for orchestra. The last composition, a "Concertino for Classical Guitar and String Orchestra", was composed back in late 2015. I had shared it here almost two years ago. Here is its link:


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Having taken a second listen and a closer look, I still like it a lot. Some of the leaps seem strange to me when I study the score, but when I listen nothing bothers me.

Harmonically quite nice: simple, yet satisfying. I love repetitious music, my only remark about  the second movement is it seems like you may be repeating it for the sake of repeating it. If you are to do it twice, following it with a different conclusion or changing something the second time (i.e. instrumentation, voicing, dynamic, etc.) may make it more impactful.

I always enjoy hearing your work!

Gustav Johnson

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Thanks Gustav Johnson, Ampnoe, and pateceramics for your reviews and criticisms. I appreciate them. 

Gustav Johnson, it is true I haven't been composing as frequently of late. Great to hear that you always enjoy hearing my work!

pateceramics, actually if you look closely there are some subtle variations between the four other parts. But even then, there are times when the character of a piece would requires less counterpoint and/or harmony and a more monophonic texture.  That is why I do not worry about the way every piece develops. The pieces have their character; and as a composer, I have my character (including strengths and limitations, inclinations). It is about negotiating between those two, about balancing the character of the given piece with the character of the composer. Art can never be entirely objective, if at all; therefore it should never be judged by objective standards. 

Thanks Ampnoe for your positive words and encouragement!


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