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La noche de mil estrellas


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32 minutes ago, Luis Hernández said:

Great song!

Es una canción compleja con dificultades para el cantante.

Muy buena integración piano y voz. Felicidades.

I would like to hear more....


Hey, thanks for the comment. I do have some more publications here on this site. I have been a member for a long time but haven't published until days ago. Again, I appreciate your comment!

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I love the piano and tenor part, it's a nice song. 

I can't listen to Spanish and understand it. I can write in but no more than that. The tenor has a nice voice, but he should honestly lighten up. He tries to recreate an operatic voice when his quite light. You can his strong reverberation in the begging of notes before he starts to 'thicken' it up. He's got some talent that could use some sowing. Also he could open up those vowels some more to really get the sound out. My guess is that if he started breathing into his stomach instead of this shoulders it would naturally make him fix half his problems.

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