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So I found this amazing drawing: 

Answers Await

and thought that composing music to accompany it would be nice.

I was looking for a nice scene to score for months and didn't find one,

so I decided that composing for drawings would be fun too.

It is fun. 

The problem is, that I have this idea for the piece but I have no idea what to do with it.

I'm really not good with keeping tension for a long time (as you probably noticed, if any of you actually follows my pieces),

and I should be able to do it in order to describe this... wolf journey.

Any advice or feedback would be appreciated.



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Definitely worth continuing, don't give up with this one!

Think about adding more (but small) variations within your melodic content. For example, alter one note (i.e. the peak note or the starting/finishing note) in terms of it's pitch or rhythmic placement. That will typically also alter your harmonic accompaniment as well. That's been a helpful technique for me lately, it helps define a sense of direction and intentionality in the development and growth of the melody.

I think your opening statement itself is worth developing - passing the arpeggios through some different instruments and the flute motif. Once you get to 0:40, there are some flute meldoy pitches that feel out of place against your accompaniment. That's a great characteristic to have within the piece, but perhaps not the first time you're stating the melody in its full strength.

Good work - keep working on it!

Gustav Johnson

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1 hour ago, Luis Hernández said:

you left it when the action seems to begin.

Is that good or not?

I tried to give this... yea this cold night atmosphere and then move on to the journey,

wolves running intensively trying to get somewhere.

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@Gustav Johnson

If you see that I only replied to Luis-

Don't worry, I took your notes, but I'm not going to work on it today.

I have my English final test tomorrow and I want to get a good night sleep.



I set in front of the project all day long (except when I was eating and having my final English exam)

but I just couldn't come up with anything. I just can't develop it further for some reason,

maybe I'll just come back to it in a few weeks, a thing that happened before.

Sometimes when I can't work on a score I just put it aside for some time and find it a few weeks/months later,

and then I have the inspiration/ability to continue writing it.

I really hope that time will come with this one before... I'll have to go to the army.


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