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Theodore Servin

Etude-Tableau in B-flat minor, Op. 6

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The Etude-Tableau was written for the Moscow Conservatory's 2018 International Winter School, along with the Nocturne in C major, Op. 5, and the Romance in E major.

This piece was the first piano piece I had written in over 2 years, and was also my first attempt at virtuoso piano writing. I brought it to the school as one of my piano performance pieces. I later recorded it at home, and this is the performance on Youtube.


I hope you all enjoy it. ­čÖé


Edited by Theodore Servin
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Another beautiful performance of a really accomplished piece, well done Theo.  The Russian influence is extremely evident in your work and you pull it off very well.

I would also love to see the score, do you not like to post them?



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Hi, @Mark101! Thanks for commenting.

Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you like the piece and my performance. However, at this moment, I'm not ready to share the scores of my pieces.

All the best,

Theo ­čÖé

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