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Fall Competition 2019 - Theme Poll

Fall Competition 2019 - Theme Poll   

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  1. 1. What competition would you like to see used in Fall, 2019?

    • "Less is More" :A slightly more philosophical, yet low key competition. Encourages composers to create a gripping dramatic arc while ensuring that every note is used precisely, creating a sort of minimal pitch space (note: this is not *minimalism*, as Steve Reich's compositions are very note-heavy, nor strictly ambient compositions). Think Part's "Spiegel im Spiegel" or "Mystic" from "Rain Spell".
    • "Voices Voicing Voice", or "create a narrative contrapuntal piece": using 3-5 voices, create a piece in counterpoint (with no specific rules of imitation or voice leading), intended to be a constant dialogue or action-plan between characters. Composers are judged on their ability to create human-like conversational contour within the realm of music.
    • "Poor Form": Create a small suite of 3-5 shorter pieces that all begin with the same opening material but end up going in wildly different directions. Examine Liszt's use of "thematic transformation" or the Renaissance concept of the "headmotto mass". A concluding movement would be included blending all of the styles together in some way.
    • The above competition ideas are too restrictive for me. Please select only if you are absolutely concerned of the quality of your work; these were used to be a challenge for everyone, which is why the piece results are generally shorter.

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40 minutes ago, Luis Hernández said:

Wow, great ideas!

I voted for "less is more" but I agree that "poor form" is also nice.

The contrapuntal one maybe too complicated for many people (me included!)


Haha, yes, I suspected "Voices" might be a bit challenging. The flip side would be that everyone would be challenged!

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