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So, I got a little tired of the process is it kept going. It was cool hearing a Csus/Bb at the beginning and the occasional instrumental licks are nice, but even if I was watching a film, I think I'd be a little antsy by the 2 minute mark. Maybe some more rhythmic drivers would be nice, since your smallest rhythmic unit is split only once without an alteration of much contour. 

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Something I sometimes feel about what people call "Cinematic Music" is that it takes a simple idea and infinitely builds upon it by using diferent instrumentation, dinamics/intensities, etc. However, that doesn't necessarily means that the idea was developed into a full piece. Although this process may work for some pieces, I believe that many other ones should have different treatments.

I would say that to avoid that feel of having an endless loop constantly reorganized, it would be beneficial for you to plan a bit of your pieces ahead, maybe study some form (I don't know how much "academical" knowledge you have, and I'm not saying you should force yourself to study what you don't want so that it can expand further away from a small set of ideas whithout losing cohesion. 

Besides that, it sounds amazing, the aspects of production are pretty flawless, and I do think it has a strong "emotional" character. 

It's truly a very nice work. 

Good job,


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