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Short Stories for Piano and Trumpet


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Hey all, I am working on a collection of small pieces, preferably 5, based on short stories (hence the name). I made a rough draft of the first one and was wondering if it was an idea worth continuing. Any comments would be helpful!

(Just added multiphonics to the trumpet part, anyone know if the part is playable/ how it would sound in real life?)



Thank you!

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I can't help about multiphonics.

Focusing on the musicality of the piece, I find it interesting and beautiful. The language is not rough at all, and the piano counterparts quite well to the trumpet. I encourage you to go on with other pieces, but you shoud check the issue of multiphonics. In other instruments I know one must be careful when writing them.

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They may not be as prominent as you want them to be from the sound of this recording. 
The verticality and horizontality of this piece to me are at odds with each other. I can hear the horizontal imitation, but allowing for a blend of those elements I think could help this one along slightly. 

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