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  2. This is just a friendly reminder to please stay on topic, and to avoid personal attacks. Differing points of view is expected from such a diverse group. Let's all be mindful of each other's background and experiences.
  3. Any chance you'd transpose that to the enharmonic, Db major? Not a lot of people sight-read C# major as well as Db, so it would just be easier on the eyes. I think it's a very wise thing to work through the key signatures with these preludes like you're doing, so you can get a better feel for how they fit together. This prelude works well, almost like an etude, but with enough unexpected turns to keep it interesting. I liked the flowing-ness of this one a lot. Keep up the good work!
  4. It'd be interesting to hear a live performance of this work, the mockup doesn't do it justice (as always). The music's atmosphere is reminiscent of a movie score. If you do ever work on this piece more/revise it, I would develop the middle section a little more (starting at bar 67). That whole section just felt out of place...(mostly)harmonically and (somewhat) rhythmically. This might be a personal preference, but when I don't like seeing the 8va dash thing...I prefer to read the actual note. I try to avoid using the 8va as much as I can, I think you can too especially in the beginning of the piece for the first violin. You can probably keep it at the end. Also, string tremolos are noted by 3 slashes.
  5. Today
  6. This is what you said in reference to value judgments about music. You yourself said they weren't very important. Who cares if ACO thinks your music sounds below garage-tier recordings rock music? Not you, according to your own statement. And then you put up some works to defend ACO's value judgment that will likely end this thread. Sigh. Now, I'm going to throw logic aside and just tell you how I feel. From the moment you entered this thread, everything has been about you. We were having a perfectly civil discussion, yet within literal minutes of your arriving on the scene, the thread had been shut down and you were on the forum chat, touting it like it was a victory for you. Even now, you say: This is how little you care about what others might value. You would rather prove your point to save face than preserve enjoyment for others who have nothing to do with this. They/we are innocent bystanders who have become casualties in this war to salvage your own ego. I was enjoying this discussion immensely, as were many others—who have since left the discussion because it became awfully one-sided. Yes, you can project your feelings and say "this is all ACO's and Quinn's fault, they're the ones who attacked first." When we point fingers, though, there are always three pointing back at us. Recognize your part in the blame, too. And that's what I'll leave you with: admitting your mistakes. You aren't a perfect human being and nobody expects you to be, except maybe yourself. Give yourself a little grace and apologize to others every once in a while. It'll keep you humble. And I think people will like you more for it. For my part, I enjoyed our discussion. Unfortunately, I've found your behavior towards those who cross you inexcusable and have blocked you, so I won't be able to see your replies. I'm sorry to do that, but these kinds of hostile exchanges between parties affect me deeply, and if I have the power to avoid witnessing them, I will exercise that power. To the moderators: I hope this thread can be salvaged. 🙏 To the forum: I apologize for my part in feeding these unprofitable exchanges. Please, please overlook the unrelated discussion and continue to offer up your opinions on this very interesting subject!
  7. I'd sincerely appreciate if you I could get critical feedback on my latest work. I scored music for this animated Transformers fan film. Everything is MIDI, nothing was recorded live because I was working for free and had no budget. Please be critical and objective, once again I'd really appreciate to understand where I stand currently. Full Score: https://soundcloud.com/rajarajan_official/sets/cybertron-falls-full-score Full Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmMKeyCd3As
  8. You could, of course, just ask me. But I guess communication isn't your strong point, lol.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I would call this piece a Passacaglia rather than a Canon...technically the infamous Canon in D is also passacaglia. Not a wind player so can't get THAT technical, but some of those figures in the horn parts (around measure 29) seem difficult, plus the range is a little too high for horn.
  11. I did not know that was a thing on this forum until just now! Are you saying this is the role as society sees it, or is this the role that proponents of consumerism are pushing on society? Or both?
  12. It's always the anime avatars. I have heard his music and it is somewhat below garage-tier recordings of rock music. I'm not even saying that as a potshot, but I have been on these kinds of forums for decades now and without fail, every single time, the least-competent members are the most hardcore relativists spouting "holier than thou" attitudes, talking down to everyone and ruining the forum. There is a reason you don't see people like Monarcheon, who really know their stuff and actually give good feedback, having this kind of attitude. Right lol You are the one who brings hostility to these forums and makes yourself an enemy of everyone who isn't a fellow solipsist by berating them with the same kind of pompous attitudes the kinds of modern artists I criticize in this thread are infamous for. You came into this thread, a grown man who only ever uses an anime-girl avatar and has "LOL Dispenser" under his handle, and (ironically) denounced everyone else as "children" for not having your pro-mediocrity standpoint, right out of the gate. My recommendation here is to just put this guy on ignore and let him wallow in his solipsism, and be left in the past while the rest of the forum who care about the craft and what we do continuing striving to make better music instead of tearing better people down so that we feel better about our inferiority. There is absolutely nothing of value to gain from the opinions of people who believe that good and bad are "relative" anyway, since as per their ideology: Improvement is not even possible. If we are to accept SSC's general standpoint on these conversations, then we should just delete the entirety of the feedback sections from these forums as everyone is already a master. As for, I stand by my initial point in this thread: The role of contemporary music and composers has been subverted into essentially being a propagandist or glorifying consumerism and there's not much more to say about it without repeating myself.
  13. Sure, that's fair. This doesn't mean I'm incapable of making them, though. In particular, if I personally can't describe what's wrong with technical language, then I'm not going to make judgment on it because then I don't feel qualified to make that claim. I definitely still can enjoy music as is! I just prefer for criticisms to be substantiated, as I'm sure you wouldn't object to. For open ended ones like this, and for more participation, we normally just leave instrumentation open. @Noah Brode, do you feel strongly about only participants making calls or do you think staying traditional might offer good insight. At this point, I'll just leave the call to you. 🙂
  14. When the poll is over, should we do one for instrumentation? I know we probably all have good ideas, but my vote goes for the simplest. Solo piano or some kind of duet? I feel like we'll get the most response and people. Plus for younger composers they'll get a chance to see how more advanced composers tackle the same themes and limitations they themselves are working with. Honestly, I don't mind how we do this, I just want to see this site populated as it once did. This place really helped me when I was younger studying on my own.
  15. Oh, ok. I seem to remember you saying if I may quote, "As an analyst I make no quality judgments..." on 20th Jan or thereabouts? By which I understood youd be judging on the technical. Fine with good amateurs, a word I take literally, not 'beginners', people doing something for the love of it - of which I'm one. Anyway, we have yet to see the rules/constraints etc. : )
  16. @Quinn Judging hasn't been a problem in the past with "amateurs"; it's the response to the music that matters most as opposed to the technical. I would imagine we're old enough to know how to at least numerically rate our feelings if not something esoteric like pitch class sets. I'm inclined to lean it towards traditional judging, but with no one else weighing in, it's hard to determine. I can give full reign to you, @Noah Brode if you'd like, after we figure out what we're doing with judges, and I'll post an official thing in the competitions section.
  17. This is a good point and part of what has made me hesitant to judge in the past. I don't have a degree in music, and I only have one orchestral performance experience under my belt. I consider myself to be, essentially, a somewhat competent amateur -- which makes it difficult for me to pass judgment on those who are more experienced or educated in the field than I am. That's why I'd like to be the "organizer" for this competition! Yes, that would be great. What about a deadline of 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, July 18? That would give the entrants roughly a month and a half of composition time, and we could have the results announced by Aug. 1. That is, if enough people agree to the terms of the voting system.
  18. Do we have a deadline for the voting yet? Maybe we should set up a rough timeline when we'd like to have each step of this completed? All great ideas from you all, I'm glad this is starting to roll forward
  19. Another prelude in my set of 24 for each key. A very short one this prelude capturing my interpretation with C# Major. short and too the point but beautiful while it lasts. please leave thoughts down below.
  20. I kinda like it dynamicless, it gives it an "otherly" interesting quality.
  21. Besides, if it entails judgemental feedback, I'd need to be sure of the bona fides of the judges, their own competence in composition and orchestration - preferably they should have had some experience of preparing an orchestra/ensemble to perform their work - or a solid basis in sound organisation. One at least would lean toward the classical, another to modern, perhaps another to electroinic/concrète. Otherwise feedback would be irrelevant (to me, anyway). I doubt there are more than three or four here who'd fit that bill. But it could still be judged, just that any feedback may not be qualified. My tuppence worth. .
  22. Not from me. SSC in his usual ''me-me-meeee! Only my views are worth anything and the rest of you are fools!" way has, as he so often does, brought another discussion to a close. As I've said before, he's employed here to keep member numbers and posts down. You'll find the diagnosis in the DSM-5 I'm out even if there is much more to say. Edit: wanted to hear what SSC has composed. Nothing in the profile since 2008 and that's unavailable. Looks like a bit of a charlatan.
  23. Great piece. Good variation in the left hand (you know I'm obsessed with that...). The piece flows very well. I don't think the first part should be discarded. It's a good contrast. Perhaps a little part could be improved: the transition (measures 17 - 20). Transition between two parts can take lots of work if those are very different. This video by @Jean Szulc (great work) is very good and talks about this problem and some tools to resolve it. @J.Santos Me parece una pieza muy muy buena y que encaja totalmente en el período ese clásico-romántico primero. Los cambios armónicos son muy bonitos. Saludos.
  24. I'm game. (Great suggestion, @Noah Brode!) I'm also okay with the old-fashioned way of doing it, in which case I'm happy to serve as a judge. Either way, as long as we don't combine the two methods for scoring purposes.
  25. I like the idea of the popular vote and I'm willing to curate it (and not compete). How about this: every competitor submits their work by the agreed-upon deadline. Then, they have two weeks from that date to message me their choices for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place -- NOT including their own submissions. Three points will be awarded for each 1st-place vote, two points for each 2nd-place vote, and one point for each 3rd-place vote. At the end of the two-week period, I will tally up the results of the vote and declare a winner and a full listing of the results. Does that sound good to everyone? We could also add a clause that would require all contestants to submit a few sentences of feedback for every other competitor in order to qualify to win the competition. That way, we don't lose the feedback aspect of the competition. @Monarcheon @Tónskáld @Quinn
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