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    Hello, I'll be very glad if you check out my song and tell your opinion. https://soundcloud.com/selcukozer001/a-rose-in-winter
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    Dear @Mark101 and @Ken320 Thanks for your comments and feedback. The song doesn't have words. I thought I would add lyrics to the song if it is good enough. I think you both right about your opinions. I think I will reuse the phrases in another song. Thanks for your review again :)
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    Very lovely piece! I have to say, after reading the description, the way you wrote the piece really defied my expectations. I was expecting something along the lines of Grieg's "Morning", where there's this sense of amazement at the sheer glory of the sun bringing light and warmth to everything. But this was a completely different take on it. It's more ... how to say? Not just focusing on the beauty that's out there, but rather, the introspective feeling that gazing upon that beauty causes within, mixed with that anticipation as to what the day will bring, as you said in your description. In other words, while there are many pieces that are inspired by nature and how that affects one's feelings, thoughts, and emotions, there's something more grounded and down-to-earth about the way you've done it from the perspective of someone who is feeling a certain form of "joyful anxiety" about what the day will literally bring, and mixing it with the soulful, "spiritual" appreciation of the beauty that morning brings. The feeling I get is half-way like Luis's. On the one hand, there's this part of the music that doesn't sound impressionistic to me, namely, the beginning and ending parts, because these seem to convey emotions in a more direct way -- it's not that it doesn't use whole-tone scales, quartal harmonies, etc., but rather, it just feels really straightforward. Perhaps this is stupid of me to say, because Wikipedia, describing Impressionism, says this: "Impressionism in music was a movement among various composers in Western classical music (mainly during the late 19th and early 20th centuries) whose music focuses on mood and atmosphere, "conveying the moods and emotions aroused by the subject rather than a detailed tone‐picture". So I understand that seems like a direct contradiction to what I just said. However, I think this definition, while accurate, must be incomplete, because there are surely other genres, like romantic and classical music, that are surely created to convey moods and emotions, and not necessarily by means of a "tone-picture". However, the middle part, I can definitely think of as being more impressionistic. There's just this more abstract language used to "paint" the emotions here, a certain floating and somewhat surreal feeling, and that exemplifies, to me, what it means to write in an impressionistic style. This is all a long-winded way for me to say that I appreciate the juxtaposition of the "concrete" and the "abstract", and I think it's a creative artistic choice that you made work really well. Anyway, in terms of your actual writing for the piano as an instrument, and doing it in an idiomatic way, it's perfect. Just a glance at the score tells me you're very familiar with the piano, and know how to write in a way that's comfortable and fun to play. There's never any unreasonable difficulty or awkward phrases to play, and you use the sustain pedal very tastefully. My only criticism I have, is that you haven't uploaded the rest of the suite for us to listen to. Shame on you 😒 Thanks for sharing this with us, it was a real pleasure to listen to 😄
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    The phrases are unclear as is the meter. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not. Do you have the score to post here - it would help.
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    Hi, Does your song have words? I think I would be tempted to take it at a slightly slower pace and give it more sustain pedal, give the piece room to breath. The last few heavy chords were a bit too much for me too, although it would probably make more sense with a voice track added. I liked it though.
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