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Found 7 results

  1. So I saw this Tweet (look at end of post) in my Twitter feed. What are your thoughts around the statement "How Classical Music is Better than Popular Music"? This is how I responded in a Twitter comment: But here is my take on it: I think that Classical Music (which is loosely defined here) tends to be more complex than today's Pop music. Of course, better is also subjective, because what is "better" to me, is not necessarily "better" to you. In my case, I agree with some parts of this article, BUT, just because I agree doesn't mean it is a fact and applies to everyone. It does however apply to me, because I love this type of music and I can understand it. That said, there's some music in this genre that I do have a hard time understanding, such as Sorabji's Opus Clavicembalisticum. Do I think that this specific piece is better than Pop? Well, maybe, but only because I find value in music that is complex. Reason being, music with more complexity is something I can always learn from. And a good example of this is, music notation and cadenzas. Now if I were to find out that this piece by Sorabji was just randomly thrown together, than my opinion could change. But I haven't delved too deeply into this piece, as there aren't many full recordings of Opus Clavicembalisticum floating around, for obvious reasons. What are your thoughts though? To repeat the question, do you agree or disagree with the author's sentiment of classical being better than pop? And do you feel that it is right that people are criticizing the author of this article for being so passionate about how he feels about classical music over pop?
  2. So this is a copy-style of post from Reddit called Change My View (CMV) where commenters are rewarded ∆ (delta, not major lol) for having some hand in changing the OP's mind about a certain subject. In this case, I'd like to explain myself. The more I learn about the intricacies of art, the history of art, and the processes of art as a growing medium, the bigger the gap I see between what humans really feel inside (emotions) and the art that is produced. This goes for any art, by the way. Music, visual art, and especially literature all fall under this. I encourage you to read this essay by T. S. Eliot for a a summing up of some of my feelings towards the subject: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/articles/69400/tradition-and-the-individual-talent In any case, even as music has had the entirety of time to develop, I don't think any person would be able to properly, 100% dictate the emotions they have within their art without some of it getting lost in the transfer process. In addition, your argument to this would be "why does this matter"... as in, even if it can't 100% convey what you feel, that's not reason enough to stop. I think it is. Basically, what's lost from the art-maker's lack of conveyance is filled in by the audience, diluting or sometimes even ruining the emotions you wanted to express. There are essentially very few cases where this has ever been the case (to make this the intention) so I see no reason why I push to express anything. I'll never cope with anything or work through things that pain me or express the happiness I feel of elation or love. So, please, change my view.
  3. EDIT: This survey is now closed, thanks to all who took part. I may publish the results in February, and if so, I will add a link here later. Hi folks - first post, so apologies to the mods if this type of post is not allowed! I am a composition student at the University of Surrey and I am throwing around a survey across the internet to gather some data on how musicians write music with music notation software - this forum seemed very lively, so I'm very interested in your thoughts. If you are someone that composes/arranges music with music notation software (Sibelius/Finale/MuseScore/etc.) I would be extremely grateful if you could spare 10 minutes to fill out this survey: https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/eZTxmoaK At the end, there will be two participants chosen in a random raffle that will receive £15 via PayPal. The survey will close in 7 days (6th January 2018). If you have any questions/comments/discussion - fire away! Thank you and have a Happy New Year!
  4. Some composer (Think it was Strauss since it was from Berlioz's Treatises of Instrumentation edited version), once said that to write an orchestral piece, one must start by writing a string quartet. What are your opinions on that remark? For those who write compositions that are more to the orchestra rather than the chamber side, where did the learning process start and what steps did you find were the most important on the way (e.g. getting critiques or getting your music played). Once again, the reason I'm posting these questions is to get people thinking about what they do and to share ideas + tips. This is why the forum was set up, no?
  5. As the title suggests i want to know what composer you guys admire the most, Baroque, Romantic, Renaissance, 20th century...etc, and why you admire that particular composer. For me personally it is kind of hard to choose but i would ultimately go with Amadeus Mozart for his exceptional ability to compose simple-sounding (almost childish-like) music, which from my point of view no other composer has ever achieved without sounding like just a straight copy of Mozart. There are, of course, a few pieces of his that break this little tradition like his Fantasia in C minor along with the Fantasia in D minor...etc.
  6. In the past, Johannes Brahms was seen as a "traditionalist" at a time when Richard Wagner was seen as the way of the future. Many regarded (and still regard) Brahms' music as a throwback to the days of Haydn and early Beethoven, and was looked down by some of his contemporaries for not progressing beyond what Beethoven achieved. In the early 20th century, these views began to change considerably. Ever since Arnold Schoenberg wrote his famous essay "Brahms, the Progressive", many musicians have changed their views regarding Brahms' musical influence. However, I have encountered many people who greatly dislike Brahms, and I haven't been able to get a clear answer for that. Feel free to share your thoughts on why you love, hate, or are indifferent to Brahms and his music!
  7. So, had an interesting event to witness in the shoutbox this evening. One member made the statement that there is either Tonality or Dissonance. So, I give this to you -oh great forum peoples: Do you believe that music is either 'tonality or dissonance'? If so, why?
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