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October 2008 Monthly Competition Rules & Sign Up Thread

Dirk Gently

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October 2008 Monthly Competition

For this competition, participants are to write a piece for any ensemble based off an image. Because any ensemble can be used, the main quality that is (or should be...) judged is the piece's accuracy in portraying the image in music. This can be done however the composer sees fit; he could base it off the subject of the image, or else try and capture the feeling or technique of the image. Any image may be used, but please, nothing too graphic....this is a young composers forum, after all.

Other composing techniques will be judged as well, such as treatment of themes/motifs (or a piece's "unifying idea"...not necessarily a "Classical theme" ;)), orchestration, score layout and cleanliness, structure, etc.

The Rules:

1. Compositions submitted may be scored for any set of instruments.

2. The submitted composition may be organized in any way the composer sees fit, but must be between 3 and 25 minutes in length.

3. Compositions must be original for this competition, never having been performed or submitted to any other competitions.

4. Each composer can only submit one composition.

5. The composition must be based off an image of the composer's choice.

Submission Guidelines

1. Post the image, preferably in a high resolution format.

2. Describe how you portrayed the image in your composition.

3. Submit at the minimum, a .PDF score. Playback files of the score are suggested but not required. If you wish, you may submit finale or sibelius files along with the score.

4. Playback files should be in MIDI or MP3 format.


Currently, the deadline for this competition is set for November 5th. We can go later if people want, but the next competition is planned to start at the beginning of November, so nothing much longer.

Competitors and Judges


(those applying to be a judge should be ate least moderately experienced musicians/composers)

1. Morgri


1. Not Me

2. Jimmyjuicin

3. goodridge_winners

4. pianistboy

5. cooperboy2000

6. James

7. Tomas

8. Miguel

9. Mitchell

10. Ferkungamabooboo

11. Mark

12. Sax

13. Moosy

Have fun, and if there are any needs, questions or concerns, please PM me. I will be more than willing to address any issues.

Let's get crackin'! :thumbsup:

*Competition thread layout lovingly ripped from Corbin's September thread

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So you judge other people at how well they represented an image of their choice in their music? So you basically ask them to write a piece that will most likely be *your* (or the judges') idea of how an image can be represented in music.

And are you honestly willing to give reviews for pieces of music for any combination of instruments, up to 25 minutes long? So, if Stockhausen submitted his Carre for 4 orchestras and choir, would you really put some effort in reviewing it?

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I'm not judging. Whoever signs up to be a judge will ;). No one will write a 25 minute long piece anyway. You know that. I'm just leaving options open...

And as long as the composer describes what/how he's describing, there shouldn't be any problem. If we could do it for text, why not for a picture :huh:?

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Are there any submissions to this round? I have a piece ready pretty much... only about 10 or 20 more measures to write, thinking of how to close it. I want some competition, dang it! :angry:

I have it too, but it's a recorded improv, so no score :glare:

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