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Please welcome Marius as Young Composers new administrator. The administrator position will be slightly different than how we did this in the past. For example, during the time Marius is Admin, I will be letting Marius handle the decisions on his own without my interference. Marius will be in charge of the following:

  • Appointing staff
  • Delegating events
  • Policies, Code of Conduct enforcement, Code of Conduct changes, etc
  • Keeping watch of volunteer staff, ensuring an active staff
  • Taking suggestions from the announcements forum, and bringing them to my attention.
  • Keeping the community at peace.

Because this job may be overwhelming for a volunteer position, Marius will have some backup.

  • Ferk: will remain technical admin. He has free reign of our admin control panel, and has the ability to create new forums, make skin edits at will, update our public homepage, and do everything Marius can do technically. However Ferk will not be involved with the policies, politics, and decisions, allowing him to concentrate on the things he is good at.
  • Morgri and JesusFreak: Will both be an aid to Marius, and can help him with policy making, rule changes, rule suggestions, events, and more. They will also be in charge of my Facebook fan page, and twitter account which is linked. Further down the road they will aid me with monthly newsletter writings.

I am hoping the community will benefit from these changes with a clear sense of leadership being set in place.

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