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Hey everyone! Here's another one of my instrumental pieces, this time it's a solo guitar instrumental. I composed it when I was 18 and I re-recorded the piece 1 year ago for my solo EP album. I performed it by myself. I intend to make another version with some additional instruments to it sometime in the future, but I guess it's also good just for a solo instrument.

Let me know how you like it please!


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The beginning is really beautiful, because it is very simple.
Although the chord progressions are relatively simple, they do not bore me.
The melody is lovely and the atmosphere is relaxed.
Personally, I would not add more instruments, because the music works perfectly on solo guitar.

Very nice playing as well!
I have always liked the soft sound of the moving fingers on the fretboard.

Well done! :grin:

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It's really exquisite as it is, and certainly stands on it's own..  I can imagine a flute with it. but like Maarten says, it is also perfect as is.  

Technically, it is a bit muddy in the low end, coming from the reverb I believe. Perhaps, rolling off some of the bottom of the reverb only, or try different reverb settings.  You could also try some notch EQ'ing in the low end of the guitar track itself..  Not much though, keep subtle. Also experiment with mike placement. 


GREAT work. 

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I don't see the real point of adding other instruments, but you could do so if you wanted. There were some awkward unison moments. Also, can the guitar hit Eb2? I would personally look for more atmospherical change. Also, I felt like the second to last chord didn't quite resolve properly because I was expecting another Eb.

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