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Opening of Organ Concerto No. 1, "Il Festival." (headphones recommended)

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The is the opening of my first organ concerto, which I have subtitled Il Festival, Italian for The Festival. What do you guys think?


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I have an Italian citizenship.

My father made me think about moving there when I finish my studies,

but I told him that other than the fact I'll have to learn another language,

I've been told that the crime rate there is really high.

Also I wrote a final 5 points history work about Caeser and Augustus (100) so I know the ancient history of that era (-100 to around 30) very well.

But that's it.


Let me give it another listen.

It doesn't sound much like a concerto.

You probably know that "concerto" means solo instrument and a background instrument/group.

For example: concerto for cello and orchestra. There's a cello soloist and an orchestra accompanying him.

Here I heard only organ.

About the harmony melody etc:

it sounded like an organ piece.

So you scored that. Literally.

It feels a bit empty for me,

maybe because it's slow.

Upload the more developed version once you have it,

and please, when you do that, attach the music sheet with it. 


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There's an orchestra in the audio? Maybe you can hear it because you know the piece. I don't think it is a good idea to use headphones right now, it is super loud.


As an introduction it does work. It has like an epic motif for the organ. I can imagine a very festive and fanfaric piece for an organ solo

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6 hours ago, Jack Spitz said:


There is an orchestra, but I agree, it is very hard to hear.



Try to play with it then.

Let it be heard.

Let the organ and the orchestra have a conversation.

Here, have a look at this violin concerto:


They are talking to each other,

switch between the roles of speaker and background.

Try doing that when you develop the piece.

Let the orchestra speak for itself too.

As far as I saw, usually the background instruments have some time alone

and the solo instrument only enters later.


Good luck.

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