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Found 16 results

  1. In my school, when we enter into a new curriculum (by 11th grade), we're supposed to do something that we've never done before in order to strengthen and expand our understanding of the world around us (for those who may be in the know, I'm doing CAS for the IBDP programme next academic year). Being a composer, I decided to aim big and write a symphony. This is something I have truly never done before: not only is it a frightfully massive undertaking given how relatively new I am to composition, it is coupled with the fact that I'll be much busier next year than I have ever been (IBDP is known to do that). As a result, I've decided to take on this project the same way as I normally would with big, many-month assignments like this: I plan for them. This is what I've come up with so far for the first movement of this symphony: Opening fanfare on str.; intro to 1st mvt (Cm) → Enters principal theme; exposition (Cm) → Proceeds to development; 2nd theme is introduced (Fm → noodle around circle of fifths → F) Return to shortened opening; joins back into the introduction (Cm) → Re-development of previous themes into a 3rd theme (Dm → Fm → Fm7?) → Abridged opening, mixing with principal and 3rd theme; recapitulation of developed ideas (Cm) → Coda (Cm) Knowing full well that there are loads of musicians here who can definitely give me a hand, I want to know whether this is structure could suffice in powering a full symphonic orchestra, if it'll even work as a competent structure at all. I was gunning for a traditional sonata-allegro form, and I'm just going from what I know about symphonies and other large orchestral works regarding how sonata-allegro form works. If anybody's willing to look at it and give me advice, I'm all ears. Thank you!
  2. I am writing a piece for orchestra which is currently unfinished. I am planning to make it a one-movement piece, and this is what I have so far. Let me know what you think and if there is anything I can improve
  3. Over half a year ago I posted the introduction of my second symphony that I've been working on since mid-2021 on this forum. I got some pretty good feedback, so what I'm sharing here is the changes I've made since then plus new stuff. I will also explain the structure of the whole piece. It is in one movement. The structure is kind of two tragic sonatas intertwined. I have an introduction, exposition 1, development 1, exposition 2, development 2, recapitulation of all themes, coda. And if any of you don't know what tragic sonata form is, it's just sonata form but the order of the themes in the recapitulation is reversed. So, the recapitulation of mine will be theme 4, 2, 3, and then one. I have gotten the introduction, first exposition, and first development to a point I'm comfortable sharing. btw I will not be putting this into musesounds until I'm done with the whole piece, since it takes a long time to do that. I'm especially wanting to improve the orchestration, counterpoint, and (sorry if this is vague) subtlety. Feedback is greatly appreciated and don't be afraid to be critical, it will most likely be of help.
  4. Last year I made the most interesting discovery that in the month his violin concerto had it's first performance (March/April 1845) Mendelssohn was working on a 6th symphony in C-Major! For the 1st mov. he wrote the first about 80 bars in full score and some sketches for the 2nd theme and the development. This fascinated me so much that I tried to make a full movement of it. I finally could also get the sketches for a second movement from a library in Oxford and made it to complete also this to a whole Andante movement of about 14 minutes. The first 2:50 minutes are based on a full melody sketch with various hints to the accompaniement by Mendelssohn. After orchestrating this I continued with a new middle part with various themes with each increasing in strength and coming to a dramatic climax with an appassionate fugato. After this various variations of Mendelssohn's beautiful Andante theme follow until a recapitulation of the beginning and a most tender final variation. I.Allegro http://www.gerdprengel.de/Mendelssohn_unfinished_symphony1.mp3 http://www.gerdprengel.de/Symphony_in_C_Allegro.pdf II. Andante cantabile http://www.gerdprengel.de/Mendelssohn_unfinished_symphony_Andante.mp3 http://www.gerdprengel.de/Mendelssohn_unfinished_symphony_Andante.pdf It would help me to get your impressions ... Thank you Regards, Gerd
  5. Work in progress! Well... so this year is my graduation recital and I wanted to finish with something "big" (Yeah, some weirdly restriction that limits the amount of musicians we can have on the recital) Scored for a chamber Orchestra. Every comment is helpful! 1 Flute 1 Oboe 1 Clarinet 1 Bassoon 2 Horns Strings
  6. The is the opening of my first organ concerto, which I have subtitled Il Festival, Italian for The Festival. What do you guys think?
  7. I started this piece with the intention of trying something new and composing something a bit out of my comfort zone, which so far it's doing just that. Obviously though, it's very unfinished and it has a lot of polishing to do. For example, there's a lot of random whole notes in this piece that are just there for the sake of building chords and the switch into the B section seems a tad abrupt, though I think I like it that way. I'm curious as to what you guys think, please be brutally honest! But keep in mind that I am not a pianist in the slightest! I normally only compose choral music and I know that some of this couldn't actually be played how it's written. Anyways, please voice your opinion on it so far and if you have any ideas as to how I can improve on it and/or how I should continue it, do let me know. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone! I am new to this forum, and this is my first topic here. I "composed" this very short Intermezzo, for bigger a bigger work I am planning to write. After assigning the theme first to the strings and next to the winds, I do not know how to continue (I'd like to develop the main theme with some variations, though). I leave the score and the Midi file here. let me know what you think about it and if you've got suggestions on how to continue it, please! Intermezzo (Nenia).mid Intermezzo (Nenia).pdfIntermezzo (Nenia).pdf
  9. This is a half-finished piece I started over the summer on which I hit a wall. It's an organ work, inspired by Mozart's Fantasia in F minor for Organ. There are parts that don't sound quite right but since I've listened to this so many times that now I can't really be objective as to which parts work and which part don't so any honest feedback is appreciated. The score is quite a mess but I've attached it as well.
  10. Hey guys. This is one of my first pieces that I can see really turning into something I like, but I've run myself into a corner. I'd like to see what you think and I would love it if you had any suggestions regarding how to continue the piece. Thanks! Alright, it took some messing around, but I finally figured out how to make my file into an mp3. I hope this one works.
  11. Untitled.mp3 Is this composition good enough as it is, and worth completion, or deserves more improvisation in the currently finished part? Also, suggestions on how should I continue would be appreciated. The main reason for me posting this is because I kinda lost inspiration, or got lazy, so I wouldn't be really satisfied if in the end the whole thing was a bluff.
  12. Some stuff i am working on for ages already... feeling like i have to still searching for an appropriate form and the tools to make those motifs breath as they deserve. Maybe i should split some motifs into seperate pieces? Thanksful for any input :)
  13. also some older project, time to continue ! many changes going to take place to figure out a clean line, any feedback is welcome
  14. Hi all, A friend of mine asked me to write a piano concerto for her - I was already planning one, but now I really began to set the first notes on paper. The early romantic composers' concerti (Schumann, Mendelssohn, Beethoven etc.) have had a huge influence on the piece until now. Sadly enough, I feel I am not able to continue and finish this concerto. It sounds too repetitive and it really bores me listening to it, but also composing. I have reached the capitulation of the first movement. Any ideas how I can recover my motivation of finishing it? I have attached the score and music. Note that this is a rough sketch. Feedback would be nice too! Maarten
  15. Hello all, I have been absent for a few months, spending most of my evenings working on this project. 2014 was the thousandth anniversary of Irish High King Brian Boru's death. I decided to look his history up in detail and subsequently (around this time last year) realised it would be great material for music. I wanted to explicitly tell his story and the best way I found to do that was by means of a cantata. I wrote the libretto myself without even trying poetry and other niceties (as I said, my goal is only to get the story across, almost as if the piece was a film score). However, any comments on the text are welcome as well. The job is by no means finished, in fact I'd say this is about half the final length, but I would like to have your opinions on what it sounds like so far. Cheers, Marc
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