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This is a my first piece for String ensemble and solo violin. I will say the harmony is a fusion of neo-classical, late romantic and asian (japanese) harmonies. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

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As you already know, I'm a big fan of your music, and this piece certainly doesn't disappoint! I enjoyed the sustained notes, which is unlike your previous works on this site. As a suggestion, I would shorten any pizz notes to nothing more than quarter notes, since the life of a plucked note is very short, and convert any remaining length to its respective rest. For example, the final notes should be written g-quarter (pizz), rest, g-quarter, rest. It might also be nice to give the cellos and violas the melody sometimes, although I realize this piece was intended to showcase the violin.

Fantastic job, overall! I enjoyed this!

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11 hours ago, SilverWolf said:

@bryla I'm new to writing for strings, but how long would you recommend for each of the up/down bows?


It depends on lots of things especially tempo, dynamic and phrasing and how it connects to strong and weak beats. One could start with not exceed the bar with a slur and not have two identical consecutive pitches in a slur. Like in this piece between bar 1 vln1 D5 and bar 2 vln1 D5. Either that's a tie meaning one long note equal to 6 beats or it's two separate bows (it doesn't mean it's not legato though).

Also a notation tip for Sibelius here: When inputting dynamics make sure to hold down cmd (or ctrl on windows) whilst typing 'p' or 'mp'. This makes it the right typeface and makes it play back correctly.

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