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5 Preludes for Solo Piano | Op. 1

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These are a set of five preludes for the piano that I wrote, so they are relatively short. Keep in mind, this is the musescore render of it, so it's missing a lot of expression and musicality. Looking for feedback on them. Thank you!

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There is definitely a lot of variety in your preludes. Some of the preludes that have a faster tempo, actually sound slower. The B minor prelude for some reason reminds me of Edvard Grieg. Your Ab major prelude has a lot of fast wide spanning arpeggios on top of other fast notes. This reminds me of Liszt and Chopin but it reminds me more of Liszt with all those fast notes. Your Db major prelude sounds beautiful and more reserved than your Ab major prelude. Very Chopinesque sounding indeed. And it is way easier sounding and looking than your Ab major prelude, despite the faster tempo.

Your F minor prelude sounds like what Beethoven would have written, what with all those quick dynamic changes which are very typical of Beethoven. The tempo being so fast makes the creschendos and diminuendos almost unnoticeable so it sounds as though you don't have any creschendos or diminuendos. Your F sharp minor prelude sounds more like it is in the style of the classical period than the romantic period until it gets to the section with 6 flats.

I like all of them.

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Well, thanks for taking the time to review it! I must say, I am very disappointed with my choice of tempo. Like you said, some of the slower ones sound fast with unnatural energy, and the ones that are fast sound slow with wasted drive and energy. It almost sounds as if it is capable of more. 

As for the resemblance to various composers. Well! I was trying to sound original, hahaha.

Thanks for your time anyway!

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