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Six Piano Pieces

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Some short pieces.

Six Piano Pieces.pdf

01 Aeolian (Winds).mp3

02 The Hummingbird's Phrygian Flight.mp3

03 Quick Diminished Changes.mp3

04 Can We Be Friends.mp3

05 Longing Worlds.mp3

06 Gemini II.mp3


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I loved the exposition on the different modes, and the complex, unconventional time signatures! Unique pieces are the coolest, and each of these is definitely unique!

1. Aeolian (Winds): The hands in different time signatures reminded me of competing winds. Very complex.

2. The Hummingbird's Phrygian Flight: Nice play on words! I also liked the complexity, but I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to read if the middle staff were combined with the first as a second voice...?

3. Quick Diminished Changes: I really liked this one, especially the syncopated rhythmic feel.

4. Can we be friends: I think this one is in C Dorian... one of my favorite modes anyway, so I liked this piece, too!

5. Longing Worlds: This one left my head spinning, which I hope was the intended effect!

6. Gemini II: This one was my favorite—partly because I'm not a huge fan of complex time signatures, and this one stayed 4/4 throughout—and partly because the harmonies were so rich and vibrant.

Overall, great job, @Luis Hernández!

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