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Here's a personal project of mine. Space is a wonder to me. The first man ever set his foot on the moon 50 years ago. Being a music composer, I wanted to do something for this anniversary. The project got so big and ambitious that I wanted to make a clip for it. And I got lucky when NASA announced that they made their footage copyright free. So I bought video editing software and made my first ever cut. I'm definitely not an editor but I had a lot of fun making this video.

Here is the link to the music and video.


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On 6/25/2019 at 7:18 PM, SilverWolf said:

This sounds very ambient and soothing.


Hey SilverWolf,

Yeah I wanted the orchestra to not sound too crowded and rather to be contemplative, as the journey to the Moon must have been. Thank you for listening to the piece and taking the time to write here.


On 9/21/2019 at 5:22 AM, Monarcheon said:

It does built tension quite nicely. The III∆7 chords in third inversion didn't feel as satisfying as a passing chord like that normally would. I think that it might be trying to have it both ways sometimes, since in the bigger end section it's over a dominant.


Hi Monarcheon

I definitely have a lot to learn when it comes to harmonies and music theory. I try to sensibly build my harmonies but I also try to follow my feelings as much as possible while I write music since I feel this is what will make a piece interesting. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to analyse my piece a bit deeper.


On 9/21/2019 at 8:12 PM, Luis Hernández said:

Hi. Nice change in 4:18 with the entrance of the strings and the reminding of the main motif. The pice develops quite well and fit with the footage (I hadn't seen if yet, so it was worthy).


Hey Luis,

That is really nice of you that you've taken the time to see the video. I tried my best but I'm in now way an editor. I had a lot of fun doing it though. And yeah I had to resolve the tension in some ways around the 4 minute mark.


On 9/22/2019 at 9:42 AM, Guillem82 said:

I like your project idea and the result.

What sound library and editing software are you using? (string sustains in low dynamic sound just amazing).


Hey Guillem,

So I used mostly Cinematic Strings for the sustains, and the cello legato you hear is Tina Guo Legato Cello. I think I layered an extra double bass/Cello for the low part of the orchestra from Metropolis Ark 1. And the wind instrument you hear is a duduk I played for the project.
Thank you for listening, it was a really interesting and fun project to work on from the basic idea to the editing of the video.

Wishing you all the best,

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